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Windows Phone 7 Developer Sweepstakes end June 30th, 2011

If you are almost done with your Windows Phone 7 App or Game, you may want to put a little extra effort into finishing it up and get it certified so you can beat the deadline.

Microsoft’s fiscal year ends June 30th and so do this promotion:

Use Code: 5DXDN

URL: http://bit.ly/WP7DevOffer

If you have 1 app in the marketplace you can win a Samsung Focus. (Details & Rules on the site)

If you have 2 apps in the marketplace you get a refund on your Marketplace account fee.

Register on this site for that: http://phone.microsoftplatformready.com/Offers.aspx

If you have 5 or more apps you can get Free Advertising for one of your apps!

Enter in the WP7 Sweepstakes (Code: 5DXDN; URL: http://bit.ly/WP7DevOffer

If you publish(ed) 5 new apps between April 1 and June 30 you get FREE advertising for one of those apps or games.

So if you are almost done – push through and get it done!

Happy Coding!

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