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XNA Essentials Web Site Upgraded - Hello Real Forums

I finally was able to spend some time this weekend to give this website the attention it deserved. I have installed Community Server 2008.5 SP2 and am now running the site with that. I have configured the site to only utilize a single blog. The biggest pain was trying to make sure all my old links still worked in the new site. The bits that took the longest were making sure the links at the root level still worked. Fortunately, it seems everything is working just fine.

We now have Forums! No longer are people required to use the Amazon forums. It seems that really wasn't ideal because of the different countries. This should work much better.

The blog entries actually have comments. Currently the two tutorials I have on the site are custom pages, but I think I will either convert those into a blog entry or into forum posts so there can be comments on them. The original website did not have anyway for the users to communicate to me or each other. Community Server corrects this.

Hopefully there aren't any outstanding issues, but if so I'll try and correct them as soon as possible.

Happy surfing!