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Windows Phone 7 Hands On Lab–Tombstoning

At my local .NET User Group, Triad Developers Guild, I was able to give a talk on WP7.  Usually the sessions are lecture style, but I tried to do a hands on lab.  Unfortunately, not many folks brought their laptops so for some it was still basically a lecture style session with me doing the lab in front of everyone.  The labs are very good, I’d encourage you to download them and go through them.  The lab we did on Tuesday, February 15th was the Tombstoning, Launcher and Chooser, and then some with XNA Framework.

You can download lab here:


The files are as follows:

WP7TrainingKitOffline_RTM1.Setup.exe is the full download (both Silverlight and XNA)

WP7SLTrainingKitOffline_RTM.Setup.exe is only the Silverlight labs

WP7XNATrainingKitOffline_RTM.Setup.exe is only the XNA labs


Also, Microsoft is running a contest and if you use the following code when you submit your app or game to the Marketplace you could win a Windows Phone 7!

Use code: 5DXDN

Check out http://www.WindowsPhone7Event.com/contest/ for more information!

Happy Programming!


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