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XNA Unleashed Shipping to Warehouses

This past Friday, the books were being completed at the printers and shipping out to the warehouses.  There were 'normal production delays' at the printers.  I later found out that the book was being printed at the same printer that printed the Harry Potter book.  What?  My XNA Unleashed title is held up due to a book with only 10 million back orders being printed?  What's up with that?! :)

The publisher got a small shipment in yesterday and overnighted me a copy.  So I am looking at the book now.  Hopefully Amazon will receive their copy soon and for the 10 million that have back ordered the book -- oh wait, wrong book -- well for the people who have pre-ordered this book, they should get their copy soon.

Shawn Hargreaves of the XNA Development team has posted a nice blurb about the book on his blog. Thanks Shawn!

Shawn did a fantastic job in being the technical editor of this book. Basically, if it is good - then it is because of Shawn. If it is bad, then it is because I ignored his advice! :)

If you haven't subscribed to this feed, well ... you should because it will have updates to the books as we find errors (what errors!?). Also, when any new demos or tutorials are added, this blog will have an update so you can be notified.

Happy Coding!


XNA Essentials Site Launched

Welcome to XNA Essentials!  This blog will be updated whenever the site is updated.  When new tutorials, updates to the book, downloads and other site information is updated, the blog will get an entry.  If you subscribe to the RSS feed then you can be notified when new content is available on this site.  I hope this site proves to be beneficial to the XNA Community!

Happy Coding!