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CodeStock 2010 Presentations

This was the first year I had attended CodeStock. It was an excellent conference.

I had two sessions – XNA Crash Course and Artificial Intelligence. Hit the links to download the slides. As with most of my talks there isn’t a lot to the slides as most of the time is spent in either demos or me talking about the points. Still, I’ve included them here just in case they help anyone.

I had detailed my experience at CodeStock but determined this was not the right blog for that sort of post.  I’ve been wanting to create another blog that covers general development and other ramblings I may have.  I will launch that soon and post the link here in case anyone cares about my non XNA adventures.

I will sum up my experience by saying that the .NET Developer community is awesome.  If you aren’t involved – get involved. You will not regret getting to know other folks that get excited by the same technology that you do.

Happy Networking!