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Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0 Unleashed Source Code Available

The publisher is allowing the entire contents on the CD that are included in the book to be purchased. This option is available to people who that purchased the Kindle version of the book. For Safari subscribers, the code can be downloaded via Safari. The code can be found on the downloads page.


Dream Build Play 2009 Challenge

Registration opened today for DBP 2009. Team registrations will open later in April.

If you have a game on Xbox LIVE Marketplace and you can still enter it into the competition. One of the winners of the first DBP competition, James Silva, just recently had his game published on Xbox LIVE Arcade. The title of the game is The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai. Go download and a trial and give it a whirl.

Get working on your own entry to win a huge amount of cash. Not only that, you can sell your game on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace as soon as it is ready!

Happy Coding!