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SIEGECon Talk on Xbox 360 Programming with XNA

I’ll be blogging about the SIEGE Conference on my personal blog soon, but I did want to at least put up my PowerPoint presentation of the talk I gave this past Saturday. I received a lot of good feedback. It was a challenge getting to demo the 360 since it has to be connected to the internet. Overcoming Hotel WiFi restrictions is always fun.

In general, this conference was really good. I had a great time networking and talking to folks. I met a professor and some of his students who are using my book in their class this year. That was really cool. Also meeting the co-founder of Atari, Nolan Bushnell and chatting with him was pretty awesome. If you are interested in any of that, make sure you check out my personal blog where I put non XNA related content.

Feel free to download the presentation slides.