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Vertex Channels

Hi Chad,

Im back at the book, got my models loaded OK and moving (Im doing a fixed Camer smaple as well at the moment). Im now wanting to learn HLSL for my Thruster Effect which is why im back at the book. ANyway heres a quick vid of what ive done:





Im also looking ar animating the bones etc when the player shoots. THis is will be a 2D sidescrolling game using 3D models for a better llooking effect. This is will be using Paralx scrolling for backgrounds, It should be a Rtype type game at the end of it. GIven myself 6 months to complete.


ANyway back to the reason why im writing the forum post, Im on page 158, and just wanted to know what a Vertex Channel is extactly. Obviously it is something to do with Vertices (Not a buffer is it?). Perused the book and cannot see a explanation previously.

Thanks Chad :)

garfbradaz - Monday, November 15, 2010 @ 3:37 PM

Re: Vertex Channels

Vertex Channels is a term used in XNA to simply mean a way of specifying Vertex data to create objects.  Some vertex channels will store texture information like I do in Chapter 8 (on the page you refer to) and sometimes it can be used to set normal or color data.  These are simply used to create objects.  Typically you would only utilize this if you plan to load in your own 3D format like an .obj file.  We are creating a 3D object from scratch and so we need to specify the vertex data in the vertex channel for XNA.  It is really just a term the XNA team came up with since it can store multiple types of vertex data.

Hope this helps.  Oh, and I like your progress so far!


Chad Carter - Thursday, November 18, 2010 @ 8:17 AM