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Showcase Guidelines

If you have created an Xbox LIVE Indie Game or demo and want to post links to images or videos, feel free to use this forum to do so. Simply create a new post for your creation.

Some Guidance:

Each Game / Demo should have it's own thread. (Don't add your game / demo to someone else's thread)

Do not create multiple threads for the same Game / Demo.

Each Thread Title should include [Game] or [Demo] or [WIP] (for Work In Progress) if appropriate.

If your game is currently in Play Test or Peer Review, post a link to the appropriate Creators Club thread

Feel free to give credit to any resources (books, websites, etc) that helped you gain knowledge to create your game or demo.

This is not just for completed work. This is to show off the progress you are making. It can be rewarding to share accomplishments with others. The point of this is to help motivate people to complete their goals.

Have fun!


Chad Carter - Thursday, August 6, 2009 @ 9:10 AM