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Chapter 8 - Skybox Issues


First of all, just want to say great book - I'm having a lot of fun so far, and am enjoying learning how XNA works!

Up until now, it's been pretty smooth sailing.  In Chapter 8, after having completed all work up until Page 165, just before the new section "Content Pipeline Processor Parameters", I try to run the project and I receive the following error:
"File contains XELibrary.Skybox but trying to load as XELibrary.Skybox." 
This occurs when reading the following line:
skybox = Content.Load<Skybox>(@"Skyboxes\skybox")
Needless to say this rather confusing.

I had a different error previously, which drove me so insane I deleted my work and re-coded the entire project making sure to duplicate exactly what was detailed.  The previous error I had was something to the effect of "Unable to find XELibrary.SkyboxReader".

After reading through the threads here, I double checked all my references and as far as I'm able to tell I have referenced everything as needed (ensuring a 3.0 project and references).

If anyone could offer a little help, I'd be most appreciative as I'm simply at my wits end, and really want to move past this so I can continue with the rest of the book!
Thank you in advance,


Don Tickner - Monday, October 25, 2010 @ 7:38 AM

Re: Chapter 8 - Skybox Issues

Ok, after sitting down for a long time and a lot of coffee I located the source of the problem and corrected it.

It seems that, when creating the XELibrary project some chapters earlier, I had actually used the default name - which carried over in the Assembly - XNA assigns (WindowsGameLibrary1 I believe).  Although I had renamed the file, I hadn't double checked the Assembly information, which created the issue.  XNA was looking for XELibrary, and it was finding WindowsGameLibrary1.

I hope this helps someone else who's as silly as me :c)

Don Tickner - Tuesday, October 26, 2010 @ 3:52 AM